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Colour Consultation

Colour · Light · Design

Colour consultations offer an in depth look into using colour in your home in two ways. First we consider you unique needs and personal taste. Using this we can consider colour from the point of design psychology and the ways in which we respond to colour and how it makes us feel. Second we will consider the built environment and use the principles of interior design to select a colour scheme for your home taking into consideration natural light, aspect and location. Following the consultation, you will be provided with a complete colour schedule, paint samples and/or swatches and any notes taken after the consultation via email. Colour Consultations are designed for people who are:
  • Afraid of colour
  • Want to refresh their space
  • Would like to understand how colour affects our mood
  • Not sure where to begin
  • Have little understanding of the colour wheel

Are you ready to have fun with colour?

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