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Design Psychology

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Design Psychology is an awareness of the impact our surrounding environments have on our health and wellbeing. How we feel within a space and how we respond emotionally and physiologically to a space. Most people spend over 80% of their lives indoors; either at work or in their homes. It is therefore vital that we intentionally design these spaces, in particular, to ensure we are working productively, that rest is encouraged where appropriate and our spaces are as stress free as possible. Our homes and workplaces should be happy, high energy spaces. Often, we can walk into a space and it just makes us feel good. We know we like it, we just don’t know why we like it. This is how a Design Psychology Consultation can benefit you.

Design Psychology Consultations are a unique service offered by The Anderson Projects that allow you to take an in depth look into your current built environment (work or home) and investigate the way your body and emotions are responding to its surroundings. Using the principles of design psychology, we are able to pin point exactly why you respond either positively or negatively to your environment and offer practical and achievable design solutions. Consultations occur on site and last for around 90minutes. We will walk through room by room and discuss how you feel about each space at the moment – looking at both positive and negative aspects. You can expect us to discuss your childhood home, what home means to you and of course your dream definition of home. We may look into light, colour and biophillic design (design derived from nature). We’ll talk about how you want to feel in your home and discuss ways to achieve this. We go deep during this process and I encourage you to bring an open heart and mind. The benefits of implementing design psychology in your home are overwhelmingly positive and deeply personal – this is a very cathartic process. Each consultation is tailored to your specific requirements and you may feel a sense of personal growth after the meeting.

After the consultation you will receive a design fee proposal, colour mood board and an in-depth report covering our meeting. Design Psychology Consultations are designed for people who are:

  • Happy to live an authentic life
  • Don’t feel at home in their space
  • Feeling like they’ve lost their sense of place after children
  • Heart led and open minded
  • Willing to transform their life and home

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