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Pre-Start Meeting: Everything you need to know

If you’re planning to make the most of the Australian Government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant (you can check if you’re eligible here) along with the West Australian’s State Government’s $20,000 new Home Construction Grant chances are you will find yourself involved in a Pre-Start meeting fairly soon. Over here in the west, a Pre-Start Meeting refers to the pre-construction phase of a new build where all finishes, fixtures and fittings are selected based upon your builder’s specifications.


What can I expect?

Depending on who you’re choosing to build with, a pre-start meeting may generally involve several hours spent with a pre-start consultant going over the builder’s specifications. If you choose to select outside the pre-established allowances, you will be charged in addition to your agreed upon build costs.

Pre-Start with The Anderson Projects

I am proud to offer a tailored Pre-Start Meeting package which is broken down into 3 distinct meetings and incorporates both, design and, design psychology principles.

  • Design Consultation: Review of build plans and establishing the style of home you wish to build.
  • Showroom Visit: An at length (3hour) opportunity to select from a variety of different materials to create your colour and texture palette.
  • Presentation Meeting: The presentation meeting is the opportunity to tie the entire project together and ensure your interior colour palette balances your exterior palette. Here you will receive your materials board with your selections on it so you can visualise the start of your home coming together.

The number of things to consider in the pre-construction phase is initially overwhelming. By breaking the tasks into smaller blocks we can achieve a more thorough and carefully considered approach without the stress. The focus is on designing with intention.


Pre-Start Meeting: Design Consultation

The initial consultation allows us to really hone in on your chosen design style and establish a brief from the get go. By setting off with a clearly identified design aesthetic we can assure that all your selections will be based upon the intentions you set up in that beginning meeting. How you want your home to look, function and feel, with consideration of balance and harmony of your material selections. It removes the risk of walking into a showroom and being overwhelmed with choice and no clear direction.

Pre-Start Meeting: Showroom Visit

Showroom visits allow you the opportunity to see and touch finishes and fixtures in-situ. Building a home is a huge emotional and financial investment. Making informed decisions, through physically viewing products, is essential in ensuring you’re getting what you pay for and can absolutely save you thousands by making the right informed decision for your build needs from the very beginning.

Pre-Start Meeting: Presentation

The presentation meeting is the most exciting stage of Pre-Start as it when you start to see the design of your home come to life. You will be presented with a physical sample board illustrating your chosen colour and materials palette. We will also consider the exterior colour palette and choose and internal wall colour at this meeting.


To find out more about our Pre-Start Package, including pricing, please click here. For more information regarding the Australian Government’s HomeBulder Grant please click here.

For more on the West Australian State Government’s New Home Construction Grant, please click here.

All images are from our Kingsley Project, with construction works completed by Burlinson Construction

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